Yahoo! The 100th Calgary Stampede is officially here! To help make life a little easier for you, I’ve done up a handy list of the must use apps, websites and videos.

The weather is supposed to be perfect for the week, so if you’re in Calgary, I think you will have a blast!

Happy Stampede!

Flapjack Finder. You like free food?  Me too. Flapjack Finder is the best site to find all the pancake breakfasts taking place all over the city. There are hundreds of them, so you can use the sites search parameters likes location, hours and dates. There’s also an Flapjack Finder app, so you can get your free pancakes fix, while you’re on the move!


Calgary Stampede Planner.
Trying to do everything at Stampede can be exhausting, fun and a little confusing. The Calgary Stampede has an app that you can download to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android that can make getting to see everything a little easier!  You can organize and research your Stampede plans by category, date, time, event or venue.  My favourite feature is the GPS designed specifically for the Stampede Park, which is huge. It’ll help ensure that I don’t miss a single mini-donought stand!


Stampede Wallpapers
You say you love Stampede, but do you really love Stampede?  Then prove it by letting the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth take over your phone, desktop and laptop computers.  Armadillo Studios has developed some fantastically hilarious wallpapers that will help decorate the technology in your life.   They are completely free to download and I think we’ll make excellent conversation starters for those long lines at Nashville North and Cowboys.

How to survive the Mechanical Bull.
One of the right of passages of the Calgary Stampede is riding a bull.  Not a real bull of course, but the fake mechanical ones that only seem like a good idea when you’ve had too much to drink. Well Metro’s Darren Krause put his life on the line (while he was sober at that) to see what it takes to stay on for the magical 8 seconds. Turns out, it’s not as easy as you would think.


Sensitive diets at the Calgary Stampede
Whether it’s anything or everything that’s deep fried or kegs upon kegs of beer,Stampede can be tough for those who are sensitive to gluten.  Gluten Free in YYC has done up an amazing blog post about the options that are available this week for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitive diets.   Avenue Magazine also has a fantastic post for anyone who has a special diet, including those with dairy allergies. 

Mike Morrison

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