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Okay great, let’s talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

MOM!  I said go away!

If you are familiar with this issue of Sports Illustrated (and who isn’t?), then you know that models from all over the world get shots taken on the most beautiful beaches in the world, while wearing the stunning swim suits, for the pages of the magazine’s most popular issue. Well this year’s magazine doesn’t just feature the white sands of Fiji, there are also three models who got the uber-glamorous assignment of Banff, Alberta….

Hmmm can you imagine how pissed they were?!  Not that Banff isn’t BEAUTIFUL, because it really is.  But when you think you are going to get to go to Hawaii or Bali and your agent tells you that you’ll be sitting in a bathing suit next to glacier lakes, well I would think there would at least a little bit of disappointment.

However, the models annoyance is definitely our benefit because Bruna Schmitz, Leryn Franco and Kim Glass look AMAZING frolicking in Canada’s most beautiful national park.  What’s surprising is how they make the most mundane things looks ridicoulsly sexy.  I mean, I’ve eaten on many a picnic table in the park but not the way that they do.  And how is it that the dozens of times I’ve been to Lake Louise, I’ve never seen supermodels strip down to their skivvies?  I have the WORST travel agent.

Scroll down to check out some of the photos, but make sure no one is looking, they might think you are some kind of perve.  Oh also, well played Banff National Park.  Your move Yoho.

If you’re bi-curious, just really appreciate “good photography” or are in a shitty marriage, head on over to the Sports Illustrated website to all see all the pictures from the Banff photo shoot.  I will never lay beside a canoe the same way again.

(photos via SI.com)

These photos also reminded me that I used to casually model around the edges of the park’s most famous lakes.  I’ve submitted them to Sports Illustrated and now I wait.  I can’t imagine it will be too much longer now…..

Mike Morrison


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