This post is sponsored by Skittles.

Companies are constantly trying to find a way for you to watch commercials, so you have to appreciate that Skittles sorta just said, “Yeah, fine, why don’t you just make your own commercial then?”

So I did.

Fans of the bright little chewy candy can now make their own Holiday 2012 commercial. You get to pick the characters, the setting and the dialogue. If you care a little bit about technology and production ,it’s actually a pretty cool and hi-tech project, that ends up being a lot of fun.

What do you get when you throw a lot an elf, a Santa and a slightly past due date gingerbread man in to a room? You tell me seriously. You tell me by making the commercial I actually come up with a few different variations.

Click here to check out the new “Create the Rainbow” site and make your own Skittles Holiday commercial.


Mike Morrison