By now you’ve probably seen the “sizzle reel” for the upcoming series called Lake Shore. In case you haven’t, I’m jealous of your ability to ignore it….so far. It’ss being called the Canadian Jersey Shore (as if it is a good thing), the problem is that when you watch Jersey Shore, you can almost convince yourself that that cast are actually good people. Some of them are genuinely pretty funny and are just having a good time.

Then you have the Lake Shore cast and well, maybe you should just watch the preview you yourself.

So here’s my theory. This show is going to make Toronto look like a city full of douches and douchettes. Which naturally got me thinking: Who in their right mind would want Toronto to seem like such a terrible place? Ummm….how about THE REST OF CANADA?

Go with me on this. Toronto has a well known reputation of well…hmm…looking down on the country’s other major cities. So much so that many cities in Ontario have caved and now are all just calling themselves the GTA. I don’t know about you, but it seems to be that if you are east of Winnipeg, you might as well just say you live in the GTA. (Plus, It makes it easier for the rest of us.)

So at some point, during the peak of the Jersey Shore hype, I think the premiers of Canada (sans Dalton McGuinty) got together and forged a plan. The plan would essentially be to bring together some of the worst people known to mankind and put them together in a house. Better yet, these people would talk about about their love of Toronto non-stop, essentially building a new Canada wide tourist campaign called, “We’re not Toronto.” Unfortunately, before Ed Stelmach could get The Lake Shore to air, Rob Ford beat him to the punch and regularly makes the GTA look bad all on his own. In the end, I think the combined efforts of The Lake Shore cast and Toronto’s new mayor means that everyone from Vancouver to Charlottetown should soon be expecting a bump in tourism.

As far as I can tell, Lake Shore does not have a distributor just yet, but it is obviously only a matter of time.

Either way, when this thing hits the airwaves, Torontonians are going to be praying for another G20.

Mike Morrison