Score one more for Canada!

CBC’s hit* comedy Sophie makes it’s american debut tonight on ABC Family. While I’ve never seen the show, which just finished it’s second season last week, I’m pumped to see another Canadian show showing up on the American schedule. Speaking of, Flashpoint is still pulling pretty good ratings for CBS and Being Erica (only two episodes left!) also shows up on the SoapNet.

Yah for canadian TV!!!

*the word hit is always relative when dealing with CBC.

Just got this tip from Véronique.
“Sophie’s last episode of the season was not broadcasted last week: it will be broadcast tonight, at 8:30 PM, on CBC!

In this episode, Sophie accepts an invitation to Andre’s (the father of her child) wedding in New York, while Rick and Matt (her ex-boyfriend and her best-friend) tag along to protect her from herself.”

Drama, drama, drama!

Mike Morrison