Last week, I talked about the Great Canadian Song Quest (website) with CBC Radio 2. You remember, it’s the contest that CBC is holding to find the best places in Canada to write songs about. Think “New York, New York”, but instead it could be “Shediac, Shediac.”

At the time, my list included, a neighborhood in Toronto, Baddeck and more importantly, my couch.
Now that the contest is in full swing, the blogs and twitter are all….well…a twitter, with people talking about what places should win. And since I’m pretty proud of my couch suggestion, I’ve been keeping an eye on the competition and so far, no one is really topping my favourite canadian spot. You hear that Patrick Watson? Better start writing it now.
If you are still thinking what places you want to nominate, here are some suggestions to help you come up with your own list.
1. Think of a place that is free.
2. Think of a place that is warm.
3. Think of a place that is awesome, even if you are by yourself.
4. Think of a place that you want to go to, even when you’re hung-over.
5. Think of a place that sort of smells like your friends who crash on it.
See, you’re thinking about my couch aren’t you? I knew it.

Mike Morrison