Next week, the O2 Dance Company will present their newest dance show….and I need you to see it.

Truthfully, I don’t go to a lot of dance shows, but I always go to an O2 show. The first time I went, it was because some of my friends were helping to organize it and I probably got sucked into saying yes, likely because I always make them support the blog by donating to some campaign or voting in some competition. But after, I’d say, twenty minutes of the first show, I was totally hooked. Why?  Well, because I understood it.  Because there aren’t really words or a script, dance shows and I haven’t always gotten along.  “What is happening? “What is the point?” and “Did any of you even practice?” those are the thoughts that often go through my head.  But these shows, which are choreographed by the non-profit’s artistic director Sarah Dolan is the closest thing to a play that I’ve seen.  Likely because of Sarah’s experience as assistant to Sean Cheesman on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, she’s perfected the ability to make a show that is both interesting for fans of dance and for fans of TV shows and the short attention spans that come with years of me wasting time in front of the television.

As some one who likes to dabble in fiction writing, (maybe I’ll let you read something sometime,) I have a huge appreciation for how Dolan is able to pull stories from songs, likely in a way that even the people who wrote  them never even thought. Love, heartbreak, anger and everything in between are perfectly on display for all to see and yes, understand.   Seriously, I never understand dance shows. That’s why I love O2’s shows so much!

Watch the video above and tell me you aren’t instantly in love.

O2′s Brand New Fall 2013 Show – ANSWERS runs NOV 7, 8, & 9 at Theatre Junction GRAND.
Ticket details available here. 
So I don’t want you to just take my word for it, I want you to see the show for yourself.   I’ve got two tickets to giveaway.  To enter, just leave a comment about the above video. Tell me you love it, you’re intrigued, curious, happy, sad, whatever you want!  The contest is open until Tuesday, November 5th at 11:59pm.   Good luck!

Mike Morrison


  1. Thanks- very cool. I now know what I’m doing this weekend! Hope tickets aren’t sold out as I’m going to take a gaggle of girls with me.

  2. I loved how eloquently the dance shared a story. And how the theme carried through the beautiful accompanying song. But I found the theme to be so devastating — I felt that rejection so strongly in her powerful and chaotic movements and was so sad to see her pain and hurt play out in such an acrimonious and scornful response.

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