So today is a pretty big day!  I’m back in my hometown of Fredericton, NB to emcee my friend’s wedding!  I know, right?  Who the hell would give me a mic on a day that is supposed to be about love. This is what happens when they only see me once a year and forget that I’m not that good of a person!

But seriously folks, I’m so excited and feel honoured that I get to be here for their special day.  My two friends names are Andrew and Michelle.  I’ve actually known Andrew since I was about seven years old.  We used to go to gymnastics together!  I met Michelle in University and we studied Spanish together.

It was one of those rare instances when your two friends start dating and it doesn’t end in tears, fights and listening to The Cranberries while crying in the rain.  I’m not sure what love is, but I know they’ve found.

Happy Wedding Day Michelle and Andrew!  I’m sure of all the things you are doing today, it is reading this blog!



Mike Morrison