With the American election getting closer and closer (but not close enough), people are really starting to think about what if Donald Trump wins?  A mere joke just a few months ago, remember when he hosted SNL?, it now seems like he might actually be the person to go up again Hilary.

With that piece of troubling news starting to become a reality, more and more Americans are Googling for info for moving to Canada. Who knows if they’re actually serious, but they could be.  So the one and only Ellen made a video for those americans in her audience thinking about making the move to the north!

It’s a pretty funny video, but just before it, Ellen has a poignant thought: “You know what’s easier than moving to Canada? Voting.”

Truer words, Ellen, truer words.

A Canadian company is actually hoping to woo Americans looking to move to Canada. They’ve launched “a company” called “Lovers Without Borders” is a Canadian dating site for Americans looking to flee Trump! I don’t think it’s real, but you  never know these days.

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Mike Morrison