Maybe CTV should get into the match-making business.
After years of Canadian Idol contestants hooking up, it seems the same is now happening on So You Think You Can Dance Canada.
In an interview with Etalk on Friday, this past season’s winner Tara-Jean confirmed that her and second place finisher Vincent Desjardins are doing the horizontal tango. Okay, technically she said: “We are together…it’s pretty official now,”
After months of being sequestered for dance – spending time together while practicing, being teamed-up as dance partners for two weeks in a row, and making the Top 2 – it soon became evident that the dancing duo shared a lot more than Salsa, Rumba, and Mambo moves!
If the two last as an item, I wonder if they’ll ask Mary Murphy to be the MC of their wedding! Hot tamale train indeed!

Mike Morrison