>As I write this, Will Ferrill/James Lipton is on Saturday Night Live! Good to see him back!

So it’s a Saturday night and my friend Megs and I had simple plans, dinner and a movie. The movie of chose was The Prestige. Simple plan right? (Oh my god, Will and John C Reilly singing Chicago, wonderful!)

So after eating dinner at Joey Tomatoes, we noticed fire trucks whizzing by the window, I remarked to megs (whose last name is Ryan, I know!) “Gee, Meg I hope those are going to our theatre…hahaha!!” I chuckled. ” No, of course mike, whats the chances?” As we left the restaurant we could hear the fire alarm coming from the mall. This would stop most people, no megan nor I. We enter the building, determined to see our movie of choice. We were soon stopped by a small man, we’ll call him Justin. Unfortunatly there would be no movie at this theatre tonight.

It was now 10pm and our choices were limited. We raced out to another theatre across town, hoping there would be a movie . Luckily there were quite a few movies to choose from, including The Prestige. But as luck would have it, it was sold out. The first one Burnt Out, the second Sold Out! What the chances.

We thought this would be OK because of all the choices.

Open Season 3D? No late show
The Grudge 2? Too scary
Employee of the Month? Sold Out (only in Calgary)
School for Scoundrals? No late show
Flags of our Fathers? I’m not going to pay to watch CNN!

That left one movie.

Jackass 2.

I’m not proud of it, I barely could even imagine it. So after an odd chat with a employee named Dustin about his favorite movie Silent Hill (Did you know that some of the monsters from the sequel video game our in the first movie.)

Megan and I having never seen anything to do with Jackass had no idea what to expect. Needless to say we did not expect public hair beards, horse semen, wrestling anacondas, fart helmets….do I need to go on. Let’s just say, well I threw up in my mouth and swallowed it. Luckily I had some pop to wash it down. (Not reccomended)

Did I mention that during the prewiews there was a preview for The Prestige. Damn you Hugh and Christian, Damn you. (You are on notice Scarlott!)

Mike Morrison