>I can’t tell you how long this month has been. It’s seems like forever since we’ve had new episodes of TV! And tonight, they are back baby! My name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock. All new. It’s like..it’s well Christmas all over again, only without the tears, yelling and the awkward asking of gift receipts. Oh yeah besides the kick ass comedy on tonight, some guy named Grissom is leaving this little show called C.S.I, no unfortunatly it’s not forever, but at least for a little while.

Besides that, not too much is new, I’ve been fighting a cold lately and I’ve actually had something stuck in my eye for over 30 hours. Seriously people this is blogging gold. Write. It. Down.

While battling my cold, I settled down yesterday to watch March of the Penguins. Why? One might ask, well..um..I don’t know why, every since seeing Happy Feet, I needed some more penguins in my life. Penguins have always been an intragul part of my life. My granny used to have a themed room house. There was the eskimo bedroom and the penguin bathroom. Seriously, it looked like a penguin threw up all over the place. It was cute, in a penguin puke kind of way.

After being lulled into the bordom of March of the Penguins (I think I missed the singing and tap dancing of Mumbles) I watched 4 episodes of Angel, then for the very first time “Beauty and the Geek.” I love this show because you are supposed to be able to watch it and feel better then both the beauties and the geeks. But I’m I the only one who was trying to pronounce “enigmatic”? I certainly hope not. I’m officially adding this show to my roster, I can’t wait to see this social experiment to it’s brutal end!

Well that’s all for today hope you have rocking Thursday!

Mike Morrison