Just wanted to give a BIG CONGRATS to Dave Kelly and Jill Belland from Breakfast Television for winning big in this year’s Best of Calgary in FFWD Magazine.

They both took home Sexiest Calgarian (male and female) beating out every other Calgarian.
Meanwhile the brown shirt I’m wearing in the picture won ugliest shirt ever worn on TV. On a semi-related note, I will be selling said shirt because the sexiest Calgarians touched it.
Congrats to Jill and Dave for their big win!
Make sure you check out Breakfast Television this Friday when I’ll be on talking about the best summer festivals that Calgary has to offer!
sidenote: WTF FFWD Magazine, why don’t you have a Best Blogger Category? There are over 100 categories and yet you leave me out in the cold? That hurts. Maybe next year.

Mike Morrison


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