>So Thursday night TV has reared it’s ugly head again today, and after a morning of plotting it out, I think I have finally made a schedule that works with everyone. First off, I would like to apoligize to America Ferrera, you seem to have a good show and people really like you, but I can’t just fit The Devil Wea…..oh, I mean Ugly Betty into my life right now. Maybe when you are on DVD. Same to you Friday Night Lights.

This is how tonight will look (brought to you by the power of DVR) :

6:30: The Office (Phyllis’ Wedding!)
7:00: Grey’s Anatomy (Ferry Boat go Boom!)
8:00: Scrubs (Sarah Chalk’s #1 Fan!)
8:30: 30 Rock (this is one of my favorite shows, it’s an SNLers wet dream….)
9:00 Survivor (I watch now and then again when individual immunity starts)
10:00: Dishes. Ok, not a show, but wow do I need to get them done!

Also, does anyone know where I can get my hands on the CDs they play in Gap and American Eagle. I was shopping there last night and I think some times I just go to those stores just to listen to the music. Anyone? Anyone?

Mike Morrison


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