For some unexplicable reason Nickleback is still popular. I honestly don’t know why. I was kinda hoping they would go the way of Creed in a disappear into the part of the world reserved for cheesy rock bands and Constatine Maroulis.

But that doesn’t seem to be happening. They are still HUGE all over the world, their albums continue to sell oh and their singles seem to automatically turn into Number 1 hits even though the are essentially the same songs over and over.

So with that, i have some news. Tomorrow night my day job brings me to Hanna, Alberta. Can you believe it!?!?!?! So crazy. oh wait, you don’t know what is the big deal about Hanna is do you?!?! It’s where Nickleback is from!!! Isn’t that awesome!!!

Who wants a poster?

Man, i think I am going to have to quit my job.

I can barely stand living in Calgary because they are so obesses with Chad Kroeger, but now I have to stay in their hometown. From the second I drive into the town I will be on “mullett-watch 2007” and will hopefully report back while wearing a new Nickleback shirt.

A little bald boy can dream can’t he?

Reporting Live From Red Deer (then Hannah)

Mike Morrison