I don’t know what’s going on over at the SNL studios this year but this season is on fire.  This past weekend’s episode was hosted by Anne Hathaway and she was amazing and so funny.  Plus who knew she could actually sing?  It was so good, that I actually kept watching past Weekend Update, which is a rarity unseen since Sarah Michelle Gellar was hosting.  And that wasn’t because she was funny either, it was because it was Sarah Michelle Gellar!

And I’m not the only one loving SNL this year.  Their ratings are up 40% compared to last year and in an age of tivo and online streaming, that is practically unheard of!
This week, SNL starts a special Weekend Updates on Thursday leading up to the elections!  
Below is a clip from my favorite segment from this past weekend.  And no it’s not the Sarah Palin stuff which is still comedy gold!

Mike Morrison