Stupid Calgary Flames.

First they get the undying praise of an entire city even though they haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1989 (you know they didn’t actually win in 2004 right)?
And now they get a private Garth Brooks concert?!
That’s right, on Sunday night Brooks flew into Calgary and performed a private show at the Palomino Smokehouse for about 50 guests including the Calgary Flames hockey team.
Fun fact: I was at the Palomino two weeks ago, so it’s like I was there right?  RIGHT?!
Bonus Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I had entire movie plot based around the entire Fresh Horses CD.  It was epic.
Also, What the hell Garth Brooks?  I know you are retired and shit but I live right down the street and  I’m like one of the five people that actually bought the Chris Gaines CD.  And you don’t even swing by to say hi? I’m hurt.

Mike Morrison