It is has been about six days since we’ve last had a new Degrassi episode.  I don’t know about you, but I have the shakes. My mouth is try and no matter how hard I put on a jean jacket, it just doesn’t look as cool as when Alli does it the opening credits.

We’ll have to wait until the fall for new episodes, but I think you can call the six-week telenovela style run a success!  Sure the ending was a little anti-climatic, given all the hype, but it was still really fun.  I was actually on-set standing right beside the kids when they were filming “the stabbing”, so I’m happy to prove to everyone that I can keep a secret….as long as there is a legal contract forcing me to do so.

But through the magic of fast working editors, I’m so happy that we can at least watch the preview of the next batch of six-weeks worth episodes.   As always, well there is alot going on. And if you listen closely at the end, it sounds like someone is leaving Degrassi.

If I had to make a guess, I would say it would be Alli (Melinda Shankar).  She has just been brought back to film her second season of the hit show How To Be Indie and producers of Degrassi have said that she would be disappearing for a while to work on that show, but that she would be in the halls of Degrassi for sure!

Oh Degrassi, why do I always feel like a teenage girl everytime I write about you?  Better yet, why don’t I feel bad about it?

Mike Morrison