Unless you somehow missed them on Oprah, at the White House or on the cover of Rolling Stone, you know that we are just over 24 hours away from the return of Glee!

This weekend ,I got the chance to watch the new episode and I’ve got lots to report. Okay, I actually watched it four times, but can you blame me? It has been a long four months. (Don’t worry, this is relatively spoiler free. Just lots of strong hints and innuendos.)
Before I get to the good stuff, I wanted to say something to all the people that are going to watch Glee for the very first time tonight. To truly enjoy an episode of Glee, suspension of disbelief is always required. Yes, we know that no one can just pick up sheet music and start singing. We also know that there wouldn’t ever be a three-piece orchestra just sitting in a bookstore, but this isn’t 24 here people. This is Glee, just sit back and enjoy the musical numbers like a real Gleek.
Now on to the juicy bloggity bits:
  • This week’s song theme has to do with the word ‘hello’. Although, in one case, it is just ‘hell’.
  • Finn and Rachel both get their own solos.
  • For a nice guy, Will does something pretty awful.
  • Someone you wouldn’t expect is exposed a virgin.
  • Someone shocking betrays the Glee club.
  • There is a crazy-off between Emma vs. Terry. Who do you think will win?
  • There is a new club on campus: The McKinley High Old Maid’s club.
  • Sorry Puck and Quinn fans, with hardly any lines, this is not their episode.
  • Brittany is quickly becoming my favourite Glee clubber. “Sometimes I forget my middle name.”

On a final note, can the show please stop ringing the bell between each scene. It gets really annoying, really quickly. And not in a cool Rachel kinda way.

Welcome back Glee. We’ve missed you!

Mike Morrison