Things I never thought would happen:

  • My hair would grow back over night
  • Meeting Erin Karpluk
  • Lauren Conrad leaves the Hills

Well one out of three ain’t bad.

In an interview with the LA Times , The Hill’s executive producer Liz Gately has confirmed that LC’s days on the show are numbered!

“It is bittersweet, but I understand why she is saying goodbye.
I will be forever grateful for all that she shared with us and
am incredibly proud of the television we made together.”

Lauren apparently will only have 10 more episodes until she goes to the big scripted reality show in the sky!!!! I honestly don’t know what my life will consist of if I can’t live vicariously through Lauren?! It seems like I have been watching her since she was in grade 12…oh wait, I have.

My life just got sadder.

Mike Morrison