Think things are Air Canada couldn’t get any more expensive?

Well then again.
Yesterday, the airline announced that they are now going to start charging customers for the seats with extra legroom.
The seats will cost up to $35 per one-way trip for domestic flights and up to $75 for international flights. These new premium seats are usually located in exit or bulkhead rows.
But that’s not all, the new policy will also effect new moms traveling with infants hoping to get one of the popular seats with room for a bassinet in the bulkhead row. While I agree that charging moms for bringing babies on board is one thing, but for these extra seats is ridiculous.
What’s totally absurd is that Air Canada’s planes already have absolutely NO legroom. I also ask for an aisle, because I don’t feel like waking up two people every time I need to go tinkle. Shouldn’t being able to get through with waking someone up be a requirement?
Apparently WestJet started charging for the extra room last year, but Air Canada’s timing is suspicious since it just before Christmas and the whole charging pregger moms thing.

Mike Morrison