No child has ever liked getting their photo with Santa taken. Mostly because, if you take it out of the context of Christmas, the whole process is incredibly strange.

This is why I love Sketchy Santas, a website that collects all these horrible pictures and compiles them together for our cynical, cynical laughter. The site was actually sent to me weeks ago by my fellow blogger Megan, but I had completely forget about it, until this weekend, while decorating my parent’s tree, I found these two solid gold gems.

Yup, that’s me. With hair. In case you didn’t know, not all bald people spend their lives bald. This may seem obvious to you, but you’d be shocked how often I am asked.

Also concerning is how comfortable I seem to be with a complete stranger. This would eventually lead to my issues with wanting to be best friends with strangers, all in an effort to collect money for my ever-growing sticker collection.

Mike Morrison