warning: I realize some of you might thing this post is mean spirited but I think it is just as funny (and creepy) as the personal ad that it is about.

There has been a personal ad in the Calgary’s FFWD magazine for the past couple of weeks and after hours and hours of reading and re-reading it, I thought that I would post it all to share and ponder.

I can’t tell if this man is creepy and lonely or just desperate.
No part of the following classified has been altered.

Retired Gentlemen Looking for a lady 35-50 years for friendship that could lead to marriage, I am 5’10”, 208lbs, blue eyes, fair complexion good sense of humour. I am a young 74 years of age, sports minded, like the outdoors. Asia ladies are more than welcome to answer this ad, especially Chinese & Philiipino. Photo a must. I love dancing.

Things I think about while reading this:
-It’s never a good sign when someone admits they are retired and then ask for a 35 year old.
-Oh there it is: a young 74 years of age!
-What does a 74 year old consider a sport? Getting up? Walking down the stairs? Pooping?
-I also love that he says all the normal things, blue eyes, sense of humor and then he drops the “asia lady”bomb!
-Oh I see, not just an asia lady, he wants a chinese or Filipino! Why is that? Does he think they are more cultured? Have more to say? Better in bed? So many questions.
-I think it’s sweet that he quickly swerves away from the creepy stuff, to remind all of us (especially asia ladies) that he loves dancing.
-Sounds like catch to me!

Mike Morrison