>When I heard about American Idol Gives Back, I was very skeptical of it. How cheesy I thought. And then tonight my roomate and I, along with my visiting friend Michelle decided to watch it and although it was very cheesy, it was certainly very powerful. Tears were shed, laughs were had and most importantly money was given. In total we gave $130 and although it wasn’t alot, we feel and hope it made a difference.

Other things I learned/observed during tonight’s charity event:

-Paula Abdul is just as awkward around children as I am. My favorite was when the kid said she loved dancing and Paula quickly reminded her that she did too…..first.

-The Elvis/Celine Dion was by far the creepiest thing ever filmed. Ever.

-It became pretty obvious that they weren’t sending anyone home, but the double exit next week will be pretty exciting.

-Can we vote for Carrie Underwood again? Man that girl just simply rocks.

-You know what was almost creepier than the Elvis/Celine duet? Kelly Clarkson’s dress.

-Where was Pink or Gwen Stefani?

-Why did they talk about Sunjaya so much. Didn’t we kill him off yet? Maybe he is taking a page from the Denny Duquette pagebook. Ugh.

-Did you see Buffy…oh I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar!?!?!?! Dreamy Sigh

So what did you think? Did anyone else donate? Next week should be kick ass!

Mike Morrison