This is the first weekend in a looooooong time that I have nothing planned. I’ve purposely left it that way and I couldn’t be happier. Because this is the last weekend in a looooooooong time that I will have nothing planned. Starting next week, I’ll be in Vancouver, then the week after that, Toronto. Then for Thanksgiving, I’ll be in Montreal. What a rough life for a blogger eh?
If you are like me and are casually looking for things to do this weekend, here my list of Shoulds, Coulds and Woulds.
Stay inside and watch M*A*S*H (The Movie) on BluRay. With bad news about our current wars all around us, it would be refreshing to watch this military dramedy, that is still able to bring laughter and poignancy thirty nine years after it’s release. Catching it on BluRay only adds to the experience when watching the Oscar winning picture.

Go home and wait to listen to the Tom Fun Orchestra, but then you would be depriving the rest of your office of this great band. Their video, for their song Throw Me To The Rats, is crazy imaginative and I promise it will get you through this very slow moving Friday. I’d consider them a mix of Tom Waits and the Crash Test Dummies. Try not to dance in your seat to this Cape Breton band. I dare you.


You mind watching the second episode of GLEE. Judging by the ratings, many of you missed it. Can you please to go the GLEE website and watch it for free. Seriously, it’s 42 minutes long. What do you have to lose? If you want the Canadian angle, Corey Monteith, who plays the torn jock Finn, is Canadian. Born in Calgary, raised in Vancouver. There, now you have no reason not to watch. I’ve already watched the second episode twice and have lost track of how many times I’ve listened to Lea Michelle’s version of Take A Bow. If you’ve ever wondering what Salt n Pepa’s Push It would sound like if a Glee Club sung it, wonder no more. I’ve been waiting for a replacement to fill my Veronica Mars-less heart and Glee is it.

Mike Morrison