>Every generation will inevitably have it’s Avril Lavigne.

For those born after the finale of Full House, it’s Shiloh. She is the Edmonton-born singer that has slowly been gaining momentum against all things Disney with the tween crowd. Last week she launched her first album and her first canadian 17-city tour! Not to mention she has already released three singles, “Operator (A Girl Like Me)”, “Goodbye, You Suck”, and “Alright” and performed at the MMVAS. All before turning 17 years old!
How old and irrelevant do you feel now?
Some of those upcoming tour dates include:
August 28 – Ottawa
August 29 – Montreal
August 30 – Toronto
September 9 – Winnipeg
September 10 – Regina
September 11 – Red Deer
September 16 – Kelowna
September 17 – Vancouver
September 18 – Calgary
September 19 – Edmonton
September 20 – Saskatoon
Apparently Shiloh is on the infamous “half of canada Canadian-tour” perfected by Joshua Jackson in One Week. But it’s her first solo tour, so I’ll give her some slack. But just in case, a little reminder, there are FIVE provinces east of Ontario -or- half of our country.
If your interested in checking Shiloh out and you have a SCENE card, you actually get 10% off tickets! And you can even use your scene points to enter to win a VIP meeting with the canadian songstress!
Also, if you don’t have a Scene card, you are one step away from a serious and very personal SCENE intervention. I LOVE my card. It gets me 10% everything at the concession and I get a free movie just by collecting points. I’m confused by how exactly I collect points, but in case you always wonder I go to the theatre to buy tickets for my friends, only for them to pay me back, it’s because I’m collecting points. I’m a collecting points fiend. I realize that I sound like a cheesy-infomercial, but it’s honestly a pretty solid rewards program. I think I’ve gotten about 5 free movies out of the thing!
Movie and Music! It’s going to be a good Tuesday!

Mike Morrison