You may have heard that CBC’s Q is now looking for a new host.
The position is a good one.
It has a prime timeslot.
A huge audience, many with sympathetic ears.

But…who should host it?

Well…one name seems to have risen to the top:

Norm MacDonald

Why it’d work: By lying in wait, people, specifically Canadians, have re-fallen in love with Norm MacDonald. Possibly more than before. Nostalgia is funny that way. Plus, his brother works there, so he already has an in.

Plus, MacDonald has been prepping his talk show chops for a while now. First as anchor on Weekend Update:

Although that joke might not play particularly well, at least not right now.

Then, recently, he was spotted on Conan vying for Craig Ferguson‘s job:

Not mention, he already has experience hosting a show:

Plus, people seem to really want Norm to host:



But it might not be that easy, another celeb has already spoken up about the job:

Jann Arden

Why it’d work: She’s done it before, plus she’s co-hosting The Social this week, so her hosting skills will be fresh. She’s used her Twitter account to take on some big issues. Plus she’s killer funny. And after the last couple of weeks, Canadians could use some intelligent humour.

So what do you think? Who do you think should host The Q?

Mike Morrison


  1. Norm Macdonald seems to have deleted a tweet he sent October 27, 2014 supporting Jian Ghomeshi. Granted this was before the revelations about the extent of Ghomeshi’s behaviour were published, but he has not acknowledged writing “@jianghomeshi So sorry for your loss.You’reantastic[sic] broadcaster. Don’t let these motherfuckers get you down. Get your ass to the States.” That Macdonald’s also not apologized, and that he’s so reactive, makes me doubt that he’s a reasonalbe fit for Q.

    CBC would be wise to hire a female host to ensure that the public sees proof that their corporate climate doesn’t tolerate the abuse and diminishment of women. Jann Arden get my vote.

    (Source of quote: Five Ways Ghomeshi Reveals Rape Culture:

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