Next week millions of Canadians will actually be going to the polls. They will decide on one of the biggest questions that has been plaguing our minds for the past several months–a decision so monumental that it could potentially change the way we live our lives.

I’m talking about Canadian Idol. (What did you think I was talking about? Politics? That’s impossible because I said Canadian were actually going to the polls. Try to keep up.)
With the leaves on the trees starting to fall and Ben Mulroney’s hairline-slowly receding it must be that time of year again. Time to crown a new Canadian Idol who will go on to release a little known CD and be condemned to performing next to the Wiggles on the Coke Stage at next year’s Calgary Stampede. Oh to be an Idol.

But that is neither here nor there. There is a decision that has to be made. A winner must be chosen! But who will win? After months of eliminations it is down to: Homegrown Jaydee Bixby (yes, that is the correct spelling) or Ontario born Brian Melo. Jaydee is the 17-year Elvis protégé who has hair as bright as his teeth and that “aww shucks” look about him that makes you want to kick him in the shins. Brian Melo on the other hand is a 25-year-old rocker who would probably be the first to line up to kick Bixby.

He is also always known for wearing different hats while performing, which I assume means that he thinks his rocker persona is not tough enough to admit that he is actually bald. Brian should talk to Billy Corgan, or me for that matter. I do a mean Bon Jovi at Ducky’s karaoke nights.
With all that being said I feel it extra important to remind Canadians, particularly Albertans, to vote carefully. Ever since this whole Idol craze started five years ago people have developed this weird sense of pride for Idols residing from their own provinces. It’s as if, no matter how talented someone is, if they are from your province they deserve to win the big competition. For the past couple of weeks, on all the major stations like Vibe 98.5 and Energy 101.5, we’ve heard the DJs say that we should vote for Jaydee because he is an Albertan.

First I find this funny. Jaydee actually lives in Drumheller and when in all of Alberta’s history have we ever fully supported someone from Drumheller? Really, Drumheller? Isn’t it arguably the biggest eyesore in our entire province. Sorry Red Deer.

Just because Jaydee is from Alberta, does that make him deserving of being the next Canadian Idol? I mean really, what has Melissa O’Neil done with the title besides use the show for her personal dating service? Ever since she admitted to dating runner up Rex Goudie she has disappeared faster than Ryan Malcolm’s recording contract.

When voting for a Canadian Idol you must consider many things. For me, I always think “Would I go see them in a concert, or, more importantly, would I pay?” Also you have to imagine what kind of a CD they would release and would you even buy it? Shows like this don’t exist just because producers want to show us just how talented kids are. They are machines trying to spit out the next big cash cow. If you aren’t going to buy their album then you probably shouldn’t vote for them.

While I kind of agree with Kalan Porter winning his season of Idol, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he had been from a smaller province like PEI. I mean he does play the fiddle for God’s sake. Maritimers would have been all over that. But in a region where most people still don’t have cell phones, Kalan’s fans probably would have lost to the text crazy teens of Alberta.

So while I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t vote for Jaydee because he is from Alberta or Brian for that matter, I would just like to remind you how important voting is. It is a right that should not be wasted on someone just because you might see them at Chinook someday. The voting is anonymous, they won’t know if you did or didn’t vote for them.

With the Idol competition coming to a close this Monday and Tuesday night I would like to wish Brian and Jaydee the best of luck. Jaydee, you are a good ol’ Alberta boy and with a whole province behind you I might think that you have a good chance. Too bad Ontario is a lot bigger and Brian will most likely walk away with the crown. But don’t be too upset, they always win the Super 7s too. It’s just the way life is!

Mike Morrison