You may have heard that the one and only Ann Coulter has been in Canada and has apparently been up to know good.

So far she has told a Muslim student that she should “get a camel” because she should be on a no-fly list. Later Coulter said that gay men can’t throw a baseball “without looking like a girl.” Which is interesting, since baseball is pretty much the girliest sport this side of figure skating.
On Tuesday night, her visit to University of Ottawa was canceled because of security concerns, which is probably good, since she was later quoted as saying that the U of O is “really easy to get into, isn’t it?” Then implied the school was Bush-league. Which is ironic, no?
I’m not going to go all political on you, mostly because I rarely have any idea what I’m talking about. However, what frustrates me about Coulter is that she is literally saying anything to piss people off. She thrives on getting a reaction out of people. I could many Canadians respecting her comments if they carried had any weight, but they don’t.
As grown-ups, we’ve learned that it is so easy to be mean and piss people off, so it is obvious that Coulter is simply taking the easy way out. Look, I’m totally fine with some Conservative views, if they are intelligent. But if you are just saying them to make people angry, so you can sell books and get interviews, I think that you are just being greedy and lazy.
Tomorrow, Ann will be visiting Calgary. Where, I can assure you, there will hardly be anyone protesting. Sure, a couple of dozen universities students will show up. But we are talking about the city that was the first to host George Bush and Sarah Palin. Coulter will be just fine here.
Luckily, Mike’s Bloggity Blog was able to get our hands on Ann’s speech before she comes to Calgary on Thursday. Don’t ask me how, but it was dirty and probably illegal. But I do, what I have to do.
Dear Calgarians,
I’m here today to tell you that I don’t luck puppies. That’s right, all puppies. They are gross. I also think that the yellow light should mean ‘Go.’ Green should now be stop. And red? Well, let’s turn the red light purple. Oh and Veronica Mars was the worst television show ever. Why don’t we have more shows like Two and A Half Men. And what happened to According to Jim? That show was funny. I blame the Jews. Speaking of Jews, I hated Shindler’s List. It wasn’t funny enough. God I miss Suddenly Susan. Anyway, I should get going but gays shouldn’t work, SUVs are the working woman’s vehicle and I think Ben Mulroney is funny and relevant.
Lots of love,


Really Ann? According to Jim? Now that is just low.

Mike Morrison