It’s  a little late in the game, but if you had an interest in social media and more specifically how it can literally change your life and your business, then I quickly wanted to tell you about next week’s Social Media Shift forum taking place at MRU.

They’ll be a ton of cool people talking at the event including Scott Stratten,  Ernest Barbaric, Richard Einarson and Stephen Carter, Karen Richards,  Greg Hounslow, Eric Weaver and Doug Lacombe .

Reading over the topics of the forum, those interested, will hear first-hand the pitfalls and payoffs of using social media for growing a business. Speakers will help you gain insight through real-life case studies and examples from people working in the trenches of social media.

I’ve always read about Vancouver and Toronto having these really great social media conferences and it’s nice to see that Calgary is finally getting on board!

Click here for all the details.

Mike Morrison