If there was ever a day to unplug your Ipod and listen to the radio this is it.

Canadian superstar Shania Twain will be co-hosting CBC’s The Current today! They asked me to do it, but I had plans to sleep in, so they moved on to the next best thing.
Twain will host the popular CBC show, where she will speak about her plans for Shania Kids Can. She will also be interviewing Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, who created 1GOAL, a charity that aims to reach the 72 million children worldwide who do not have access to education.
Shania has been a bit quiet lately, but I’m glad that she is using her public appearances to talk about important things.
You know what else I wish she would talk about? A new album!!! I’m pretty sure kids all over the world would benefit from it. It is really a perfect example of two birds and one stone!
Check out The Current’s website to see when you can listen to Shania. If enough of listen, maybe she’ll even sing us a song!

Mike Morrison