So on Thursday night I was lucky enough to go see one of the first screenings of Sex and The City. It wasn’t cause of the ol’ bloggity blog or even because sometimes weird things just happen to me. Nope, I bought tickets like everyone else. The weirdest part was that no one in the city seemed to know about the shows because all of Friday’s shows are sold out, but neither of Thursday’s 10pm were full. Oh well, maybe it’s because I play on the internet for than I sleep.

Anywhoo, so I’m not going to ruin it for you. I would never ever do that. I’m not in the business of spoilers, but I do occasionally open small street stands of warnings and I only have two.

To Boom or Not to Boom: Early on Thursday morning Perez Hilton mentioned on his blog about a huge issue with the movie. The issue is the boom mic (the mic that hangs above actors heads) was visible in the movie in a couple of shots. I paid no attention because Perez is crazy and it was probably just a bad reel. Well let me tell you my friends, the Boom mic should probably get 1st billing in Sex and The City because for more than 20 minutes you can see the microphone. You see it move side to side, you see it on the beach, in carrie’s apartment, you see it everywhere. It becomes down right irritating when it upstages the movie’s most important and climatic (hee hee) scene.

But obviously this isn’t supposed to be like that. The studio wouldn’t release the movie if it had this huge problem. My theory? SJP pissed someone off royaly and when all the movies were shipped out to the theatres the wrong one was sent. But for those 25 minutes the entire movie is off. The color, the close ups, the lighting. It was like the unedited version and not in the good way. I’m sure more details will come up in the next couple of days about what went wrong but be warned.

The SJP Factor: Look I know this movie is about the leading lady Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) but be warned this movie in particular is all about Carrie Bradshaw. And while I like my Carrie as much as the next SJP fan I found it almost silly how much of the movie is focused on her and her life. So I’m just warning you get ready for a whole lot of Carrie who at times kinda reminded me of Meredith Grey and not in a good way!

But that is all for now. Go see the movie. It is every fans dream. Is it an Oscar winner? No. Is it supposed to be? Nope? Do you see some breasts? Sure do.

So as I sit here in my kitchen writing my blog, I can’t help but wonder: Who is going to get fired for the Boom Mic incident?

Mike Morrison