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Using up too much of your internet data on your home wifi plan? Sometimes I go over my allotted usage for the month and I’m always thinking, “Why? What could I possibly have done to have used up all of that data?”

Shaw has just recently launched a new plan called WideOpen Internet 150. It’s a new internet plan that gives you a fast speed, terabyte of data and no fees for going over. Amazing.

What could you do with this plan? A lot. There are a lot of ways that we use up all the data and wish would could have more, and get it faster.

Binge watch all the shows


Yes, your Netflix subscription is great, but it also uses your data. You should definitely be able to continue to watch all the episodes of Stranger Things without worrying if you are going to go over your plan data.

Email attachment downloads

Some of us work from home all of the time, and some of you work from home occasionally. If you are an occasional work from homer, you probably don’t have your internet plan covered by your job. If you have to download big files from emails…that’s going to dig into your plan.

Online gaming

I’m not a big online gamer, but many people are. This definitely eats the data. Think about what Pokemon Go does to your phone – now times by…a lot.



I can spend hours on YouTube watching videos – this could be considered binge watching as well. Any kind of online streaming will ding your data.


By now your bluray collection is likely dwindled down to just the classics. That’s because instead of buying DVDs and CDs, we now download music, movies and photos from sites. This is great for cleaning up space in your home, but it takes up a lot of data.

Streaming Music

This one is next to music for me. Listening to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play or any of the online radio streaming services adds up. Not as much as your Netflix marathon, but it can get up there.



Video chatting like SKYPE is easily one of the coolest advances of the internet. What once seemed like something out of the Jetsons, is now almost something anyone can do. But chatting to your grandmother about Coronation Street (as one does) takes up a lot of data.

So what’s the solution?

WideOpen Internet 150 is available today for an introductory offer as low as $49.90 per month for the first 12 months on a two-year price-guaranteed value plan. Shaw’s top-tier Internet plan gives customers the bandwidth they want along with the savings and cost certainty that comes with a two-year price guarantee. Because Shaw doesn’t charge for data overages, customers also have the peace of mind of knowing they can use the network without penalty.

Mike Morrison