Thank goodness the girls are back. I know the guys were a huge improvement over last week. But watching them is like hanging with medium-cool kids in highschool, when you know you are just waiting for the super-cool kids to show up. I never hung out with either of them.

Gina Glockson starts us off tonight. She confesses that her boyfriend is a punkrocker wannabe. Does that mean Gina is a punk rocker? Joey Ramon is rolling in his grave. I also respect her choice of Heart’s “Alone” Too bad Carrie Underwood killed it two years ago. Because as Randy would say: “She did her thing.”

After Gina sang the most confusing thing happened. Simon gave fashion advice, Paula was funny and Ryan encouraged heterosexual marriage. It’s way too early in the show to be this confused. I still have Lost to watch.

Alaina Alexander wanted us to forget about last week. Ironically, she sings “I’m not ready to make nice”. What Alaina isn’t putting into consideration is that the southern states plays a huge part in the voting process on American Idol. (Fantasia, Ruben, Carrie and Taylor.) I feel like someone should have told Alaina that this song is about southerners hating the Dixie Chicks. Although it was good, I feel like she might have just alienated her already teeny tiny audience.

I’m already way to distracted by the massive amounts of red from Lakisha’s shirt and the equally red screen behind her. You think someone would have seen that problem……..I didn’t see the rest of her performance, my friend called and we had it out about Grey’s Anatomy. People, pleased don’t called during American Idol and if you have to call, please do not discuss such sensitive subjects.

Melinda dedicates her performance to her “Gayles”. Really? Is that a compliment? My roommate and I have a huge hate on for Gayle, so for us, it is definitely not a compliment. Melinda’s performance of My Funny Valentine proves why she is the one to watch. I think everyone will be watching Lakisha and Melinda will sneak on up there and there will be a Diva-off.

With Antonella singing songs like Because you Loved me, it’s almost like she wants to get voted off. Come on! Other than that I don’t know have anything too smart ass to say about her. I mean besides her Mom trying to out sing her and then barely booing her own daughter’s poor critiques. I’ve been there Antonella, I’ve been there. (single tear)

Jordin Sparks. Wow. I don’t really remember much about her from all, but she nailed this song. I think this year might end up being this huge DIVA battle off. Could you imagine a top 5 or 6 full of divas!? It would be rocking! Also, I love when Paula says infectious. She makes it sound gross.

EEEk did Stephanie Edwards just admit that she didn’t care if she won or not? And then she made it worse by saying that she didn’t even want to audtition!?!? Seriously did that just happen. Oh Stephanie! People aren’t going to vote for you if they you don’t want to win! And I need you to be in my Diva-Off, she was just joking America. Weren’t you Stephanie…Stephanie???

Leslie Hunt definitely kicked it up from last week. I like how the producers are obviously showing their bias towards her. They gave her performance a lot of production value compared to the others. And was it me or was her song longer than everyone elses. Or did it just feel like it?

Yeah Hayley I bet you are a Queen of the Night. You certainly looked like one. That is all.

Wooh is this show long, bring it on Sabrina.

Oh Sabrina before I forget you are invited to the Diva Off. I don’t have anything critical to say about this performance. I thought it was great, she is great! Definatly a surprise!

The night is over. I listen to 10 great performances and I also learned that Ryan knows how to blot his face. I should have figured as much.

So who is going to go home tomorrow night? Hmm…this is a tough one.

I think thanks to Vote for the Worst, Antonella is safe.

So that leaves Leslie Hunt and Alaina Alexander. If they go home it will complete the quadra-look alikes and make my life a little easier.

**I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stephanie going home, only because of her bio confession about not wanting to win this thing!

Mike Morrison

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