Ever since the famous Sex And The City episode, the idea of “He’s Just Not That Into You” has made waves for it’s so-called revolutionary modern approach to dating. But I can’t help but question it’s reputation. If he isn’t returning your calls or is blatenly ignoring you, it isn’t assumed that he isn’t into you?

Ignoring basic logic, moviegoers made the film adaptation of the self-help book the number one movie this past weekend. It raked in a total of $27.5 million, which is not bad for a movie that was made about two years ago. The studio no doubt deserves a lot of the credit for the fantastic opening, since it was able to market a movie about how shitty guys can be as a date movie. Well done New Line. Well done indeed.

Since the movie did so well, there will no doubt be talk of a sequel. But what do you call a sequel to a movie with such a definitive statement as it’s title? I offer the following copywritted solitions.

  • He is Just Not That Into You Too: Get the Hint
  • He is Just Not Into Any of You: The Asexual
  • The Judge Has Ordered You To Stop Calling
  • It’s Not Him It’s You.
  • It’s Not That He Isn’t Into You, it’s his boyfriend.
  • He is into you, it’s just small

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Mike Morrison