>Late breaking news, Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has been shown the door and will not be back next season! This is not speculation! Disney (which owns ABC) announced this late on Thursday night.

Now, to put into words how happy I am about this is hardly even possible, but because this is a blog I will try. Lets get one thing clear, I am only talking as a fan of the show and my reaction has nothing to do with all that backstage drama of calling T.R the dreaded “F” word.

I’ve hated Preston Burke ever since the day I started watching Greys. I’ve always found him whiny, childish, arrogant and stuffy. I’m so glad that Christina will finally be free to do her own thing. I think watching Christina date will be hilarious! Luckily the writers were smart enough to write Preston out even before knowing if his contract would be renewed. Now not only is Christina free, but now so are we!!! See ya later Preston Burke, go find another hospital to annoy. (Just not Sacred Heart)For more details click here!!

Mike Morrison