>There will always be naysayers about us Tv Watchers. They say there are better things to do with their time, they are usually smoking up or drinking hard liquor as they are telling me this.

But today my friends, I can say Thank you to TV. Without it, I would have been out $1800.

Here’s the story,
I’ve been looking to by a computer for sometime now. I frequent Craigslist and just the other day I found my dream Mac. It was amazing and a great deal! I contacted the seller and he responded right away. He wanted to go through a third party, I thought..hmm. ok?!?! That is when my Veronica Mars induced censors started tingling. I emailed him and told him how uncomfortable I felt. I avoided the typical Michael joke : “I feel so uncomfortable it’s like I’m at Church camp.” I thought it would be wise to do so.

He wrote back assuring me it was legit. I did a little more research and found that him and his “PaySafe” is one of the biggest scams going around. People all over the world had gotten literally the exact same emails! I quickly wrote him and said no thanks, this time not sparing him the awkward religious joke. Take That!

So it is thanks to Veronica Mars that I saved myself $1800. Thanks Veronica, I knew I’ve been watching you for the last three years for a reason. (does that sentance seem creepier than I meant?)

Lesson: Put down the joint or bottle of JD and pick up your remote. Your bank account will thank you for it!

Mike Morrison