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I know I’m supposed to do reviews for shows on the day of the show, you know for familiarity sakes, but having just watched the season finale of Being Erica, I couldn’t wait one more day to share my thoughts with you. Plus, if I haven’t convinced you to watch this show yet, I wanted to give you a whole day to get caught up on the CBC series, which has it’s entire season online for free.

However, the episode entitled Leo, is very much a stand alone episode, so technically speaking previous viewings of Being Erica aren’t necessary….but that doesn’t excuse those of you haven’t at least watched one episode.

I’m sworn to secrecy about what actually happens in the episode (and can I just say threatening to destroy my TIVO is a little excessive), but their warning to me of much sadness in the episode should not be ignored, your biggest hint should be the title of the episode is also the name of Erica’s very much dead brother. Revisiting Erica’s biggest regret was emotionally exhausting, which very few series would be able to pull off with the class that this show does. Erica is given an impossible responsibility that will leave wondering,what would you do? I still don’t know.

Aside from emptying my tissue supply like I was a teenage boy, the episode also gets to some of the shows other big questions. (re: Dr. Tom) Sadly, it’s not what the hell his last name is. But I will say this, we do get our very first scene of Dr. Tom without Erica. Hmmm.

My only concern came near the end of the episode, when the show seemed to be wrapping everything up in a neat little bow, too neat. For amature tv watchers, you should know that this is never a good thing for a show that still hasn’t been officially renewed. Did the producers assume the show wouldn’t be renewed and didn’t want any lingering questions?

But then in the last 30 seconds of the show comes a cliffhanger so huge, even JR would be shocked. Again, I’m sworn to secrecy, but trust me, it’s good.

Please CBC, I know you are cutting everything else, but leave Erica alone. She is your shinning star in a line up that so badly needs Erica Strange, almost as bad as I do.

I got an email from a very reliable source (the creator of the show) that Being Erica has indeed been picked up for a second 12 episode season! In her words: “enough to do a lot of great, juicy stuff. Look for it in September…” Great news!

Mike Morrison


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