>How to ruin a Friday.

ABC just announced that Scrubs is definitely coming back! 
That is obviously awesome news.
Who else is coming back?  Zach Braff.
That is significantly less awesome news.
Didn’t I just watch this show give one of the most perfect sendoffs of a character ever just last week?  Seriously, I’ve watched the final montage about 436 times. It.was.perfect.  I had said goodbye to JD and had come to terms with it….after just one extra session at madame therapist.  
So even though he moved away to be with his son, JD is coming back to Sacred Heart. Guess he didn’t like his son that much.   And apparently also coming back are Elliot (Sarah Chalk) and the whole rest of the gang.  I bet those actors who have been playing the interns so loyally are pissed.  They totally thought they were going to be the new stars of Scrubs.  Suck on that actors.  Back to working at Applebee’s for you!

Mike Morrison