You may or may not know this, but SCRUBS is actually coming back to TV next week (Dec.1st), for it’s NINTH season. Even though the show kinda ended last season, creator Bill Lawrence had the opportunity to keep 200 people employed so he took it. Nothing wrong with that.
Here is the first promo shot of the new season.
The show looks….oh wait…what’s that? No, I didn’t read the whole press release, this picture is for what? An X-rated Scrubs movie?! Seriously, it’s a porn movie? That exists? Yikes and awesome.

That doesn’t seem right, but is it wrong that I’m sorta intrigued. I think I kinda want to watch it…for research purposes. If, for whatever reason, you are curious, find out more here.
But back to the real SCRUBS. It comes back next Tuesday, here is a little teaser promo. Can’t wait.

Mike Morrison