Look, I’ve been pretty quiet about the crappiness that is Peachtree TV. You know, the shitty replacement of TBS for those of us on the West Coast, with the shitty graphics and annoying commercials about going to college to a secretary. But tonight while I was watching the Friends thanksgiving episodes marathon, I decided that I had enough. This horrific station makes OMNI and the A channel seem like HBO. And not even HBO Canada, like the real HBO. That is some quality television!

So what finally pushed me over the edge?

Twister. No not the semi-erotic board game, I’m talking about the equally semi-erotic tornado movie starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton from 1996.

During my Friends marathon (the show, not my actual friends, we both know I do not have enough friends to hang out with me that would resemble anything close to a marathon), Peachtree TV started off every commercial break with the big news that Twister would be making it’s Peachtree TV premiere this weekend with a showing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. They kept advertising it like we all hadn’t seen it 15 times and seemed to ignore the fact altogether that the movie came out 12 years ago (the same year Dolly the sheep was cloned).

Look peachtree tv. I have put up alot with you. You took away my Dawson’s Creek early morning marathons, you are the only network still showing the horrendous Still Standing, My Boys is nowhere to be seen and you play Seinfeld at every possible opportunity. But acting like showing Twister three times this weekend like it is something to be proud off?

No, no I can’t accept that. No one needs that much Bill Paxton in their life.
Screw you Peachtree TV.

Mike Morrison


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