Last week after the American Finale performance episode one of the most anticipated new reality shows of the summer debuted. On the Lot was created by Survivor/Apprentice mastermind Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg. I had been reading about it every where and was so excited for the debut, probably a little more than the American Idol finale itself.

The first hour of the show about aspiring film makers trying to win a 1 Million Dollar deal from Dreamworks was exciting and strikingly original. You can imagine my surprise that out of the 30 million people that watched American Idol, only 8 million of them stuck around for the debut of On The Lot.

I was so confused, especially when the 2nd episode this part Thursday got even worse ratings! I was all ready to come on here and write a piece about WHY WEREN”T YOU WATCHING THIS AMAZING NEW SHOW!

Then…… I watched the 3rd episode this past Monday and well let’s just say I was happy that I didn’t write the aforementioned piece. Monday night’s episode was the equivalent of American Idols performance episodes, the aspiring directors each showed a 1 minute movie and then the movies were critique by the likes of Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall. Once all that is done, the voting is opened up to the viewers and the following night some of the directors are sent home in the Box Office Results show.

I kid you not, I lasted 12 minutes of Monday’s episode. It was literally a completly different show then what I had seen the past week. It was awkward and slow moving, and no offence to my director friends, but there is a reason directors are behind the camera, they don’t exactly make for compelling TV. Unfortunatly for the show, the ratings eroded so much that it ended up in 5th place behind all repeats on the other networks! Do you know how bad that is? That is “heads will roll” bad!

Has anyone else been watching this? I’m still looking for my summer TV addiction…hints/ideas are always welcome!

Mike Morrison