Last year I had my heartbroken. It was a three year relationship that deserved so much more time than we had. But the CW did what it thought was best and canceled Veronica Mars.

Ever since then it’s been hard. I can’t lie about it, I still of our last two episodes together saved on my TIVO even though I now have all three seasons on DVD. I just can’t be the one that pulls the final plug on what was once a very promising relationship.

So needless to say, I was scared last fall when I reluctantly entered into a new relationship. It was new, exciting and about Football. I know, weird right? But I fell fast for NBC’s Friday Night Lights and I fell hard. I had heard about this show before but I was nervous, but when it was renewed for a second season I decided to give it a call and at least go for coffee.

After watching the “pilot” episode I knew I was in trouble. I had never in my life fallen so quickly for a show, especially one about sports. But that’s just it, Friday Night Lights wasn’t just about football. It was about a small Texas town living in the life of High School Football’s giant shadow. The characters were real and aside from straying a bit in it’s second season (I’m talking to you Landry), FNL has always been one of TV’s best story tellers. Tyra has always been my favorite character, but who could forget about Smash Williams (props to his mom), the struggle of the newly paralyzed Jason Street and the often troubled if not poetic Tim Riggins.

So this past Friday it was time to say goodbye again. While not official yet, NBC has pretty said FNL is a long shot for a third season renewal. Fans like myself have been lucky so far in this strike ridden season because the show was able to produce an amazing 15 episode before the strike happened. So while many shows have been off the air for months, I still got to enjoy time with Coach Taylor and his amazing wife Tammy.

I actually couldn’t bring myself to watch the show on Friday night. I guess I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. But when I woke up Saturday morning, I decided that I had to just pull the band-aid off and watch the likely final episode of Friday Nights Lights. As usual it was great, we got to find out that Jason would be able to have kids after all, Landry go to score a touchdown and Smash would be going to University to play football after all. It was sad though because this show like so many was robbed of it’s opportunity to give a proper goodbye. Shows like this always deserve better.

Amazing shows like this or Veronica Mars make it hard for me to want to fall in love again. I mean sure there is 30 Rock and Lost, but it’s not the same. I tend to fall for the underdog. But while Friday Night Lights is gone, it will not be forgotten, you can’t forget I love like this. The first season sits beside Veronica and on April 15th the second season will join it.

So with Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, I am alone again. With any luck the writers strike is hours away from being over and I can begin to open my heart again. Till then my roomate’s Wii will have to do the trick.

Mike Morrison