I know a lot of people haven’t gotten on the Twitter train yet, but I’m here to tell you a little story how Twitter freaking saved my life today. Okay, maybe “saved my life”, is a bit dramatic. But still, it was really cool.

Okay, so I’m flying to Vancouver this week and I spent a better part of an hour trying to find my itinerary in my email today. I could not find it for the life of me. I even started doubting if I even bought my ticket at all. I tried calling Westjet, but as everyone knows, their new call centre is about useful as me in a shampoo aisle. I know they are working on it, but I didn’t really have time. They weren’t even putting people on hold, they were so overwhelmed. I was screwed.
So I decided to look up Westjet on Twitter and see if anyone there was around to help.
I posted the following message: “I seriously can’t remember if I bought my flight. @westjet I think it’s November XXth. Michael Morrison DM pretty please!”

Within minutes someone at Westjet got ahold of me, I was shocked. We exchanged a couple of private messages and within 15 minutes, I got ahold of my itinerary! It was awesome. I don’t know who it was a West Jet, but they saved me!
Companies who still haven’t gotten on the Twitter-train should take note, it’s an amazing resource for customers. I know I’m typically loyal to Air Canada, but for me, today was a complete game changer.
Imagine what Twitter could do for you!?
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Mike Morrison


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