There are very few things that make me 100% content.

They include:
-Brothers and Sisters
-Love Actually
-Tina Fey
-Bounty Bars
-Sarah Silverman

Luckily because of my poor eating habits and lack of will to actually leave my apartment and be social with people, I am usually able to enjoy most of these things.

But since the writer’s strike took away The Sarah Silverman program my life just simply hasn’t been the same.

Luckily the 3rd season of her ri-stu-pu-dicu-lame show comes back tonight and I couldn’t be happier!

Sarah makes her triumphant return to the comedy network tonight at 11pm (mountain time)! Make sure you leave your moral concience at the door, afterall I don’t think Sarah has one! Which is why I love her.

Now give me my bounty bar.

Mike Morrison