>Okay so truth be told, I have been out of the city for the past couple of days visiting the mountains with my mom and because of this, my TIVO and I are currently fighting. No, Miguelito hasn’t started deleting my shows, but I have pretty much left it untouched since Saturday night.

For us, this is a long time. And with the days seemingly getting busier and busier I think it is only going to get harder for us to work out our differences. And tonight’s TV schedule isn’t going to make it any easier.

First off, we finally get to welcome back 30 Rock and NBC’s new show Kath & Kim which stars one of my favorite SNL alum’s Molly Shannon. If that didn’t already add to a busy schedule, this Thursday is particularly difficult because we have two giant debates going on.

In the states it is the first of the Vice-Presidential debates and as we have seen in the past couple of weeks, Sarah Palin makes for some good television.

North of the border, the 5 leaders of the Canadian parties will go head to head tonight in the first English language debate of our election period. And while Elizabeth May’s antics will be amusing, the Canadian election is unfortunately pretty much decided, so it’s kinda like knowing the end of a movie that you never really wanted to start watching in the first place.

I’m still trying to figure out how all these debates are going to disrupt the TV schedule, hopefully the debates will air relatively early, thus adding on to the palpable tension between my Tivo and I.

UPDATE: So apparently Kath and Kim and 30 Rock don’t start until October 9th now. Thanks Cara for the tip. I looked at the tv schedules for tonight and it looks like most of our shows won’t be airing tonight. Single tear.

Mike Morrison