Essentially this blog post is about the Space network’s Sanctuary being renewed for a fourth season.  For a Canadian show that started out as a web series, that’s not bad at all.

But this is really what I want to talk about:  What’s Sanctuary?  I mean I think I’ve heard of it before but has it really already been around long enough to be renewed for a FOURTH season?  I mean seriously, did I just miss the boat on this one?  Do you know what this show is?  If I’m being 100% honest, all that information in the first paragraph?  Yeah, I just googled that.

Man do I feel bad.

But either way, congrats to the cast and crew of Sanctuary! You’re obviously doing something right!  (However, you may want to talk to whoever is doing your PR.)

Of note, season three of Sanctuary premieres this Friday on SPACE.  Yes, I googled that too.

Mike Morrison