>With the loss of such a talented actor like Heath Ledger why don’t we watch a show about people who wish they had an ounce of talent that the Best Actor nominee had.

American Idol anyone?
San Diego shall we?

9:01 Ryan starts off the night by declaring that San Diego is one of America’s most beautiful cities! Besides the human eating tigers you mean?

9:03 Already I’m regretting my mini marathon of “Hey Paula” episodes this past weekend. That show did not help her at all.

9:05 Was anyone else concerned that that Perrrie Cataldo’s little boy was almost taller than Ryan? Man, what a voice on that guy though. Get him a haircut and he should be good to go! And no Paula, he wasn’t singing that he would “Make love to YOU!”

Three Yes’ in a row!!! Maybe we are onto something!

9:13 Maybe not. Sorry Marat Hayrapetyan. Your name isn’t the only unfortunate thing about you.

9:20 How do set yourself up for disaster:
“Did you have Mariah playing?”
-“No, that was me.”

9:21 Is there anyway we can just automatically veto all Mariah, Whitney or Celine-like “singers”.

9:27 Hey Ryan, maybe you shouldn’t ask so suprised when girls say they “Love you”.

I like that Samantha Musa girl. I wonder if she had to choose would she take her golden ticket so give Simon a lapdance like her sister did.

9:35 11 auditions!?!?! That’s is crazy but that certainly gets some props. What are props anyway?

9:40 Wow I can’t believe they just donated so much time to Alberto. I could have done something productive with that time you know. Of course I didn’t.

9:48 David Archuleta was 9 when Kelly Clarkson won American Idol. How old do you feel now?

9:55 Carly Smithson’s husband has tatoos on his FACE!!! That is crazy. Imagine if he had Tatoo fron Fantasy Island on his face? That would be all kinds of crazy! Also, isn’t refreshing to see how happy Carly was to finally make it to Hollywood.


American Idol is only one hour tonight!!!!
That is awesome and sucky both at the same time!

See you in South Carolina fans!!!

Mike Morrison