Well, I’ve certainly never seen a promo for a new album like this before.

Vancouver pop-rockers Said the Whale, who won the 2011 Juno for New Group of the Year,  get down right punch drunk for the quick clip announcing their new EP. Okay, technically I don’t know that they were drunk, but God I hope the people who were getting punched are, because OUCH!

The video, which features people just getting annihilated by a mysterious fist, offers fans a quick taste their new 70’s flavoured, harmony rich, pop-rock tune called I Love You.

I Love You is one of four songs that will be featured on the EP that will be released on June 18th. Said the Whale hopes the four tracks will hold over their fans until a full length album is released later this year.

Besides  posting a video where strangers get punched in the face, Said The Whale might be in the headlines in the coming weeks for other reasons. The band is nominated for Alternative Album of The year and Recording Package of the Year at the Junos, which takes in a couple of weeks in Regina.

I’m not sure what the rest of the year has in store for Said the Whale, but I’m hoping it involves more punching of the air in celebration, rather than the poor guys featured in the teaser viz.


Photo credit: Brian Van Wyk, 2013.

Mike Morrison