>The internet is an amazing thing. Last night around 3:00am I posted my thoughts about DJ Samantha Ronson’s gig at Tequila on Monday night. When I got up to do the Energy morning show 4 hours later, my post had been plastered all over Samantha Ronson fan pages thus bringing hundreds of new readers to Mike’s Bloggity Blog.

Throughout the day I checked up on these website and the reader’s comments about the post. And if you don’t think Bloggers have to have thick skins, you should check out what they are saying about little ol’ me.

I guess I should just be grateful that they didn’t hear me on the radio saying that she is like Ellen, you know if Ellen was really angry and didn’t eat for a month.

Although they aren’t all bad comments. Here are some of my favorites:

Jesus..this guy is lame.”-xlikewolvesx
hat is an epic act of douchebaggery if ever i heard of it.”-recordedjournal
The article was interesting (thanks for posting it!), but this blogger comes off like a real asshole.”-iamcheryltweedy
Do you think she read his stupid blog?”-oewyn0104
this Mike spent his entire night just watching Samantha? Someone has a crush:p“-praha007

And for the record, I did say that she put on an amazing show! I’m not really sure how that makes me out to be an asshole or an epic piece of douchebaggery. But it’s not the first time I’ve taken a hit in the name of blogging.

I just posted some new pics on the Facebook Fan Page. Check them out as I go cry myself to sleep.

Mike Morrison